Bye Bye Buy Buttons


We’ve said goodbye to 2016 and now we’re also saying Bye Bye to Buy Buttons!


Bye Bye Buy Buttons

Earlier in 2016, Digiday reported that buy buttons weren’t taking off on platforms like Instagram and Pinterest. According to Campaigner’s Digital Marketing Industry Report, 40% of marketers are planning to reduce their reliance on buy button in 2017, not just on Instagram and Pinterest but across all of their social platforms due to what they perceive is a lack of effectiveness. 72% said they saw no sales via click to purchase button in 2016. Instead, marketers are planning to spend more on increasing brand awareness and loyalty in 2017.


Facebook in 2017

I don’t typically make New Year’s predictions (I’m also not one for New Year’s resolutions), but this year I’m making an exception. You heard it here first folks, I predict another year of Facebook metric corrections. Okay… if you’ve been following the saga of Facebook’s video view counts this year, you too have probably made this same “prediction”. Nonetheless, I think most of us can agree that Facebook needs to get their act together this year for metrics and reporting.


Snapchat & Super Bowl

Most marketers are familiar with the expensive price tags that come with the NFL’s biggest game of the year, but did you know that 2017’s big Super Bowl ticket is a $3m ad buy on Snapchat? Snapchat snagged a partnership with the NFL, allowing the company to offer ad packages that may cost marketers upwards of $5m. Just for kicks, they should throw in a spot in the half-time show with every purchase.



  1. If anything, I’m suspicious of Buy buttons. I hate clicking around, it makes me nervous.
    Although, I’m slightly more comfortable with clicking a PayPal button. Those I trust.

  2. We’ll see if facebook pulls their act together this year!

  3. interesting

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