Why Do We Gossip? | Man on the Street


My Favorite Teacher | Man On The Street

Lets take a few minutes to talk about teachers. What teacher has changed your life? Soulpancake hit the streets to ask people about that teacher, you know, the one you will always be thankful for.

Who Sees The Real You? | Man On The Street

Who sees the real you, and why? Soulpancake hit the streets to ask strangers who that person, or people are, that see the real YOU. Directed by Anna Hartwick, Siru Wen, and Jasmin Guzman.

Strangers Massage Each Other's Feet

Meeting new people can be awkward and weird. Most people don't like getting too vulnerable in conversation with a total stranger. But what if we asked these strangers to give each other foot

Share a Cup of Success | The Success Series

Success means different things to everyone, and we rarely take the time to talk about it. To get us all to share more, we set up a giant coffee cup on the street corner and asked strangers to hop in