Terraria 1.3 - Eye of Cthulhu Expert Mode Boss Guide


Terraria - Skeletron Expert Mode Yoyo Guide

https://twitter.com/yrimir If you thought Eye of Cthulhu was crazy on expert you havn't met Skeletron. This strategy is the best I've come up with so far, and works very well with a Yoyo. The most

[Terraria] 100 Guides vs Eye of Cthulhu

Tried something a little different for you guys while we still work out PvE for the server, hope you guys enjoy the video! Make sure you let us know what you want to see for the next episode!

Terraria 1.4 Boss Ideas

I Don't own any of the sprites so don't give credit about the sprites to me. A lot of people have been telling me about what would happen if you have a solar eclipse at the beginning of hardmode.

Terraria 1.3 - Twins, Expert Mode Boss Battle

https://twitter.com/yrimir Welcome to the first of three videos of the expert mechanical bosses. They havn't gotten a big revamp in 1.3, but with more health and damage they can be very nasty. You

Terraria 1.3 - Plantera, Expert Mode Boss Battle

https://twitter.com/yrimir Welcome to Plantera on expert mode - a plant that will bite your face off if he gets to. The fight is all about mobility, but you don't need a huge arena to take care of