How to get AbsoLab Weapons


Fafnir Weapons + CRA Equips For You Broans!

Alright, so I managed to get more free stuff for you guys but do follow the directions this time! We will have a livestream giving away more stuff once I find some free time to set aside to do a long

AbsoLab Shoulder

Buying my AbsoLab shoulder in Reboot. I forgot to mention it is tradeable until equipped, for those

Lv. 165 Beginner vs Zakum

A touching story of how a young lad changed the world. --- I haven't had that much fun editing a video in a long, long time. I don't know what happened, maybe I was just super bored. Anyway, hoped

Lv. 207 Kinesis vs Empress

First Empress attempt as Kinesis. Throwing things at bosses makes it a little hard to see what attacks they're using..