The High Cost of Poverty Pt II - It would be cheaper to solve the problem...


Build a Home For Under $10,000 (1200 Sq Ft)

http://www.TheRawFoodWorld.com Subscribe to Antonio's Youtube channel here! http://www.youtube.com/user/FamilyOfLight2010/featured When Antonio, my good friend here in Ecuador, told me how much it

How to make a dust collector with a wet/dry vac

In my new shop, I needed dust collection, but didn't have room for a huge collector. Instead, I used a wet/dry vac and a cyclone, along with some blast gates. A list of parts that I used can be

Child Poverty in Canada Can Be Eradicated

The issue of Child Poverty is an important one and one that continues to be a concern for many in our society. With hundreds maybe even thousands of agencies, faith based organizations and programs

Aboriginal Poverty in Canada

This video was created for a Poverty in Canada class. Please check it out. See below for references, credits and thank you's! REFERENCES Ahluwalia, R. (2000) CBC Archives-The National. Death on

World Poverty - The Facts

This is a video of world poverty. It was a part of my drama class's exam... yeh :) NOTE: do not own any of the pictures or