Growing and harvesting vegetables outdoors in winter, zone 8/9, 51N


Digging Lazy Beds to Start a Garden

When starting the Black Plot last year I was faced with a really rough abandoned site. A modified version of the traditional lazy beds seemed the best option for converting this overgrown and weed

How to Grow a Cool Season Garden in Zones 7 and 8

How do you grow a cool season garden in growing zones 7 and 8? Learn about growing through the winter with frost protection and different growing tips for your cool season garden! To begin your cool

Harvest for Lunch -- January 10th, 2017

Another demonstration video of a garden in action. In the late morning we head to our garden to forage for shallots, green onions, bok choy, cilantro, and 'French Breakfast' radishes. While not a

Castle Hill Garden A Bountiful Harvest

A bountiful harvest at Castle Hill Garden We harvested, tomatoes, cucumber, rhubarb, early potatoes, courgettes, lettuce, peas, beetroot, spring onions, carrots, broccoli, red cabbage, summer